LSEG Unavista


We were tasked with generating 130 new leads for UnaVista – The Global Platform, designed to help firms, become more efficient, and reduce operational and regulatory risk.


Our research revealed 2 customer types, with 2 distinct mindsets – one more cautious, with a desire to maintain a strong corporate reputation; the other more pragmatic, looking at the investment and its added value.

We identified an information gap around regulation for our target audiences, and what began as a lead-nurturing programme quickly turned into an acquisition campaign to own the conversation around the new regulations.


Our route to market was primarily digital; integrating marketing automation (Pardot) with their CRM (Salesforce) – channels included content, video, email, social, search (SEO & PPC), display and remarketing. We also included live and online events. The audience knew EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) was a game changer, so there was an opportunity to educate and communicate EMIR to the right audiences.

We developed content and training programmes around the subject matter which could be re-purposed for social, email and landing pages, we then tailored this content to suit the identified audience profiles. Most importantly, everything we did enabled data capture to qualify leads from any given channel, online and offline right through to the end of the sales journey.


As the multi-channel campaign developed, and data and behavioural profiles were built, we included more personalised content, maximizing relevancy and delivering a better experience for audiences. The insights gained by the business analysts, marketing and sales teams help redefine internal communications and future communications strategy.


“The highly targeted campaign allowed us to compete with the larger budgets of our competitors, using relevant content, smart optimisation and nurturing techniques we are able to overachieve on our targets and get significant ROI.”

David Ward

A hugely successful campaign:
1190% over target;
for less than 50% of budget.

Awards won:
B2B Awards 2014 – Silver
Best Lead Nurturing Campaign

Total budget spent (%)
Leads over target (%)
ROI/£ spent
Total budget spent (%)50
Leads over target (%)1190
ROI/£ spent200

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