E2 Jet Profit Hunter


Embraer is one of the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, with a long and successful history. However, with increasing activity in the single-aisle segment and the arrival of new entrants from Japan, China and Russia, the brand needed to ready itself for the next 10 years of segment leadership. Embraer was seeking a clearly defined and relevant positioning, point of difference and emotional standout.

Our task was to make Embraer Commercial Aviation the most admired challenger brand in the sector and command recognition as the industry’s customer champion.



With key players in the industry talking about fuel burn, operating costs, emissions and through-life costs, we knew that simply communicating the features and capabilities of the aircraft would not be a game-changer for Embraer.

Instead, a strong emotional engagement with the audience was required that reflected qualities found right across the organisation – courage, passion, commitment, and living to take on and solve the business challenge of its customers. Embraer has a track record of success by delivering the unexpected and applying a fresh perspective – from exceeding its delivery promises to applying military grade technology to its commercial aircraft. Historically, this had not always been evident in the way the brand was expressed.


Gravity developed the ‘Profit Hunter’ campaign, rolled out across the various marketing channels offline and online at Le Bourget Airshow, where the highlight was an exciting VR experience. The campaign had a strong emotional element and, with differentiated messaging, created real stand out for the brand.

We reviewed all the communications channels and restructured and re-envisioned how the Embraer Commercial Aviation brand is expressed through its use of technology to ensure the brand was being expressed using ‘digital first’ principles.

The ‘Profit Hunter’ campaign was the first to carry the FleetSmart competitive positioning strategy of the Embraer Commercial Aviation brand. Based on three principles – Design Smart, Experience Smart, Business Smart, FleetSmart – this expresses the competitive philosophy of the business. It reveals Embraer’s approach to creating solutions that will help airlines and lessors to optimise their operational efficiency, drive passenger preference and sustain profitability.

In an industry where purchase decision times are measured in years, it is too early to claim commercial returns. We are currently monitoring impact in terms of brand reach and engagement year-on- year and, so far, the results have been phenomenal from streaming TV to Virtual Reality, the programme has been very positive.

Take a look

Mentions of the brand (% - increase 2016 to 2017)
Reach amongst target audiences (% - increase 2016 to 2017)
Engagement amongst target audiences (% - increase 2016 to 2017)
Mentions of the brand (% - increase 2016 to 2017)42.1
Reach amongst target audiences (% - increase 2016 to 2017)299.6%
Engagement amongst target audiences (% - increase 2016 to 2017)1304.7

Awards won for Embraer:

2017 IAC Award – Best Transportation Website for Embraer Market Outlook

2016 Marcom Platinum Award – Embraer Market Outlook web content

2016 Marcom Gold Award – Embraer Market Outlook Website

I would like to congratulate you and your team for the amazing work you’ve done, not only for the new commercial aviation website, but also Embraer Market Outlook 2017, our cockpit VR experience and Embraer TV Facebook live stream from Le Bourget, Paris airshow.

Maria Regina Cyrino Corrêa, Market Intelligence, Global Head of Promotion Strategy, Commercial Aviation, Embraer S.A.

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