Fame. Admiration. Belief.

F.A.B. is the strategic lens we use to deliver
accelerated business growth for our clients.

Achieving F.A.B.

F.A.B. is the guiding factor to drive greater marketing efficiency and effectiveness through bold creative thinking and smarter programme integration across the customer journey. We know that successful brands have all three attributes of F.A.B. in equal measure. If there is not enough of any single aspect the brand will be off balance and not be optimised.

Fame delivers awareness, understanding and answers the question of “What can I buy?”
Admiration creates the engagement and positive sentiment and answers the question “What do I feel about it?” Belief answers the question “What can I buy into?” and develops the reasons to value the brand, product or service to ultimately become an advocate of it.

At Gravity Global we focus our attention on the F.A.B. philosophy so that creative and strategic output delivers transformational results every time. It is that simple.

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